Explanation of Forms

The following forms can be downloaded. The forms are designed to assist you in keeping records and facilitating an effective Service Learning initiative at your school.

    Agency Information Form: This is a 2-part form that agency staff will fill out in order to be listed in the CPS community partner database. Keep a copy for yourself and fax or mail a copy to the Service Learning Manager (fax: 3-2148) if the agency has the capacity to work with more than one school.

    Service Learning Agreement: This form serves as a permission slip. It is not mandatory, however we recommend that this form be completed by each student prior to beginning a service project. It ensures that all involved partners - the service organization, the student and his/her parent or guardian - agree on the terms of the service project.

    Service Learning Time Sheet: This form is to be used to keep track of the student's time. It is acceptable for agencies to use their own time sheets if applicable. When the student's service project has ended, this form should be returned to the Service Learning coach for the purpose of recording the appropriate number of hours earned.

    Pre-Service Preparation: Students should complete this form before beginning a service project.

    Post-Service Reflection: Students should complete this form before the Service Learning Coach registers hours earned in the CPS database.

    Classroom Project Documentation: Teachers can use this tool for planning a Service Learning project and/or sharing a project with other teachers. Encourage your teachers to submit the completed form to you and to the Service Learning Manager so that we can compile successful projects for others to use or adapt.