Student Reflections

What are your peers thinking about their Service Learning experiences? Good experiences? Bad experiences? The incredible thing about Service Learning is that the experience, whether good or bad, can be a dynamic learning experience. But without taking the time to think and write about your experience, you don't really get a chance to realize what you have learned!

To help you increase your learning, it is very important to prepare yourself for the service experience. One great way to prepare yourself is to think about and write down what you want to learn. Before you start your service experience, complete the pre-service preparation form and turn it into your Service Learning coach or teacher. If you are clear on what you want to learn, your service experience will be more directed and valuable for you. Knowing what you want to learn will help you do a better job of reflecting on the experience.

When you have completed your service project, write a 1-2 page essay and turn it into your Service Learning coach or teacher. Guiding questions for this essay can be found on this website in the forms section.

Then take the next step. Fax, send or e-mail your reflections (or ask your Service Learning coach to do it) to the Service Learning Initiative. Your reflection may appear on this website, so please check back often! We want to hear from you.

Send your reflection to:

Fax: 773/553-2148
Mail: Service Learning Initiative
OHSD - 9th Floor
125 South Clark
Chicago, IL 60603
Mail Run #125