More than 200 non-profit organizations in Chicago have signed on to provide students with structured opportunities to earn service hours (click on service agencies). CPS' partner organizations serve their communities through direct and indirect service, community organizing and development, and advocacy. Organizations work on a range of social issues including housing, hunger, children and youth, senior citizens, the environment, immigration, race relations, health, and education. These organizations represent an exciting range of opportunities for CPS students.

Organizations participate in the Service Learning Initiative in one of two ways:

  1. An organization agrees to host one or more students on-site and provide the student(s) with structured and meaningful opportunities to serve their communities.
  2. An organization works with a teacher/classroom or provides an after-school opportunity for students to work on a service project. By choosing to work with a school in this way, an organization can work with a teacher to develop a project, develop curriculum for a project, or serve as a resource or "expert" for a classroom project.

In order for service hours to be certified, each service experience must have a preparation, service, and reflection component. Students earning service hours must complete a pre-service preparation form as well as a post-service reflection essay (click on forms). Organizations can choose to build these components into the service experience.

In order to register officially as a CPS Service Agency Partner, simply download the Agency Information Form from this website and fax it to the Service Learning Manager at 773/553-2148. If you would like to discuss your participation in the CPS Service Learning Initiative, contact the Service Learning Manager at 773/553-3425.